Establishing my negative credentials.
I curse at work, to myself, but loud enough
for everyone to notice. I make fun of ridiculous
rules and sneer at the company dogs I’m
surrounded by.

By implication I mean everyone, because when
I make enemies, I do it whole. And there’s something in me
that needs to flush everything like yesterday’s meat
because once I’ve finally managed to get what I want,
I usually don’t want it.

And I whine like a dog every time, the same way
because nothing is ever right and there’s always
some asshole ready to question everything there
is to question about me. And I get defensive,
and I get indignant and I want to quit and I

want to kill the son of a bitch.

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Douglas Goodwin's books include Hung Like a Hebrew National, Half Memory of a Distant Life, and Slamming it Down. The latter two include a foreword by Charles Bukowski, who championed Goodwin's verse and corresponded with Goodwin over several years. Much of the Goodwin-Bukowski correspondence appears in the feature "Letters to Douglas Goodwin" in the 2015/16 edition of the Charles Bukowski Society Jahrbuch 2015/16, edited by Roni and Sönke Mann, out of Bamberg, Germany. Goodwin also collaborated with poet Steve Richmond on the literary magazine stance in the 1980s.