The fret’s returned
soon the windows
will need
to be cleaned again
to wash off
all the limescale
and bird shit
We’ve ended up
flicking from channel
to channel
the Third Reich’s
home movies
and a programme
about some thespian
on the hunt
for a brand new cock
On one channel
a strumpet
with her right hand
pleasures a gaoler
while the inmates giggle
to themselves
the harlot sighs
with resigned desperation
a mild excitement
overcomes me
I feel
the free floating guilt
think of the explosions
In Beirut
protests in Belarus
I remain limp
soon it will be
another episode
of Celebrity Gogglebox

Image CreditDainis Graveris

Mark Anthony Pearce lives and works as a Receptionist in Bristol, South West England. His poetry has been published in University of Essex Poetry Journal, BS Poetry Magazine and online, Inefável, Coronaverses, Winamop, Horror Sleaze Trash, Duane’s PoeTree, Piker Press , Albany Poets & Ten Million Flies. Mark’s writing has also featured in ‘Anne Bean: Self Etc’ (Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books, Autumn 2018)