I listened to a lousy radio station
demand money as I drove home from work
yesterday and the sales pitch was worse
than any advertisement.

Some amateur disc jockey bitch
nagged me with a mother’s whine,
the kind of sound old girlfriends make
immediately prior to being dumped.
I listened to her anguish and I cringed.

Then her faggot co-worker came on and
repeated some phone number over and
over and over and over and over
until I reached for the knob,
which made him relent.

Then some other faggot came on
and bitterly attacked me
for not supporting him.
He sighed and told me how
hard he works, how busy and
dedicated he is, how they are all
busy and dedicated.
He assailed me for sitting there on my
fat, deadbeat ass,
listening for free.

That did it.
I boldly twisted the knob.

Image CreditDavid Tran

Douglas Goodwin's books include Hung Like a Hebrew National, Half Memory of a Distant Life, and Slamming it Down. The latter two include a foreword by Charles Bukowski, who championed Goodwin's verse and corresponded with Goodwin over several years. Much of the Goodwin-Bukowski correspondence appears in the feature "Letters to Douglas Goodwin" in the 2015/16 edition of the Charles Bukowski Society Jahrbuch 2015/16, edited by Roni and Sönke Mann, out of Bamberg, Germany. Goodwin also collaborated with poet Steve Richmond on the literary magazine stance in the 1980s.