“The flies are angry bits of life,” said Charles Bukowski in the poem “2 Flies.” Ruminating on the connection between those angry bits of life and humans, Bukowski concludes,

sometimes it does not
take man
or a woman,
only something alive;
I sit and watch
the small one;
we are woven together
in the air
and the living;
it is late
for both of us.

It was out of this recognition of how much humans resemble the “angry” flies— in all of their apparent frenzy, urgency, cruelty, despair—that we created Ten Million Flies (can’t be wrong).

Ten Million Flies is an online zine that showcases work from writers and artists in the vein of Bukowski, the Beats, Robert Crumb, the “outlaw” school, and so on. We appreciate humor, too—the ability to laugh not only at the world but ourselves.

If you have some work that you think would find a home in a zine called Ten Million Flies (can’t be wrong), send it along, and we’ll consider it.

Editors: Jordan Trethewey, Stella Read