always question the avatar
if it is actually a representation
it is likely modified
no one really likes how they look
and if they tell you they do
they’re either lying or a sociopath
however there does exist the breed
that gives no fucks
and as you get older you can slip
into this slot
it is the best channel to be in
that’s not to say you can’t use
the occasional filter
or pull out your nasal hair
every few weeks
look at my avatar
do you really think this is me?
this is the hotel version baby
imagine the bed unmade
bits of food all over the place
bin overflowing
and a big ripe shit stain down
the crinkled
long gone whiteness of the sheet

Image CreditAndrey Zvyagintsev

Michael Ashley is a writer and wannabe from England who currently enjoys the mañana lifestyle in Spain. When he’s not writing he’s drinking cervezas and spitting olive pits across the bar!