blue jays build a nest in the pine,
swallows migrate overhead,
wren in and out of the compost,
centipede in beak

behind the fence
children screech,
entitled neighbours
don’t distance from friends,
posture, to sear game meat
drink, smoke, snort

we sip coffee
in the comfort of
inverse snobbery,
that their RV is worth more
than our house and contents,
exchange snide
our quiet, spoiled

from the tree house, slide,
log cabin, kitchen activity center, pool,
we know several families have congregated
and decide it’s time
to retreat into
our funky little house

guilty and ashamed of
our own bitchiness,
we share a polite attempt to
be accepting of the wealthy young pair
and their  wee ones,
agree it’s better to hear children play,
than not,
that we are getting old,
fussy, weird