Hanna Abi Akl


Hanna Abi Akl is a Lebanese-born English writer. Raised in a working family, he started fiddling with language from the moment he was introduced to it and spent most of his time in the company of books. Hanna lived in Beirut before moving to France at the age of 25. He writes contemporary poetry and prose. When asked to define his writing style, he says the main ingredients to his works are "music, paintings and a little bit of literature".

Hanna's writing continues to be heavily featured in literary magazines, poetry journals and anthologies. He published his first novel in 2017 and has since published another and two volumes of poetry.

A moth in the park

it’s 5.00 pm still no luck out in the cold the apartment dreary teenage boys cutting in front of me to do their laundry and smoke hash on the dryer i have a supermarket list but no money my stomach is growling but i can’t think about food baby, it’s cold but i can see a moth a little orb of yellow light floating...