If you stand away from me
& I stand away from you
& you & you & you
many of us will need to walk on water
& cling to the cliffs on the sides of mountains.
Ex-city dwellers will spit plant pigments
over their hands onto the walls
& ceilings inside their caves
& people like me will return to the tall trees
using ropes instead of liana vines
unless you are lucky enough to
stand east of Sierra Leone
& west of the Congo Basin.
Umgawa means, keep your distance,
Umgawa also means,
go find your own Jane, motherfucker!

Image CreditGreg Gollin

Many poems published in many small presses. One book, working on another. Catholic school boy, military veteran, ex-con. May get out of this life with my appendix and tonsils intact, without having to be catharized. Wish me luck.