Mike Casetta



Longhaired strongman divorced weary of seeing the horrors in the world has hung up his jaw-bone-of-an-ass seeks a Delilah for fun & bondage will gladly turn your grind stone & attend to your place of worship.  


If you stand away from me & I stand away from you & you & you & you many of us will need to walk on water & cling to the cliffs on the sides of mountains. Ex-city dwellers will spit plant pigments over their hands onto the walls & ceilings inside their caves & people like...

a man gives himself

I a good talking to a man sees his reflection in the still water this is how you look to others a fish jumps this is how you look when you talk to yourself you crazy motherfucker II comeuppance a man takes himself out behind the woodshed cuts a switch from the peach tree that he planted to attract the girls & shouts, so you think you are so smart III a...