Jordan Trethewey


Jordan lives and writes in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He is a father, husband, pet owner, baseball fan, and beer league softball player. At one time, or another, Jordan was a brewer, journalist, retailer, computer technician, theatre director, coach, and remote sensing analyst. He is currently working as a creative writer at Bell Media.

Jordan loves collaborating with other writers and artists passionate about their craft. He is glad you you found your way here and looks forward to seeing your work.

Everything shines brighter in Heather’s hell with piercing visions of uncomfortable truths. Old MacDonald still has a farm because society requires sustenance. No one wants to do the work to produce it, margins being slim to none. Popeye cigarette sugar sticks were the addictive co-conspirator of Cousin Tobacco. All love songs are children born of apology for exquisite romantic error. Children...
—for DJFIII What will we do when an electro- magnetic pulse from space voids our I-need-it-now! lifestyle? We'll find a lot of mice with eyes aimed low ready to submit. ​