“Some cunts
stole my shoes!”
said Danny
I looked
at his socks
and soaked
in puddles
“I was asleep
in the park
minding me
own business
and the cunts
stole my shoes!”
Danny’s dad
up in Scotland
used to read him
Robert Burns
his dad is dead
and so is my dad
Danny’s child
is also dead
I think about his
missing tooth
his poems
about Christ
and Calvary
I asked him
if he wanted
something to eat
he said he would
like that
he told me
he could
buy himself
a cheap pair
of sandals
at a charity shop
for six quid
so I gave him
the six quid
We went
to the pasty shop
he wanted a giant
and before
he ate it
he used it
for a few moments
to warm his left foot
and I gave him
some money
for a bus fare
he said he had
to get to Henbury
I told him
if I saw him again
I’d make sure
I’d say hello

Bristol, November 2008

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Mark Anthony Pearce lives and works as a Receptionist in Bristol, South West England. He is an author of eight books of Poetry,‘Perforated By Sirens’ (With Danny D. Ford) (December 2020, Analog Submission Press),‘Wheelchair Tony’ (March 2021, Between Shadows Press), ‘A Smile As Sad As Sunday’(October 2021, Between Shadows Press), ‘Three Poets 5’  (With Tohm Bakelas & Danny D. Ford) (December 2021, Hickathrift Press),‘Happy New Year, Ellsworth Griffin!’ (April 2022, Between Shadows Press), 'She Smells Dead People' (May 2022, Hickathrift Press) & ‘Shopping For A New Penis And Other Poems’ (August 2022, Hickathrift Press). His poetry has been published in University of Essex Poetry Journal, BS Poetry Magazine, Obscure Quarterly, CAPGRAS, Seppuku Quartley, online, Inefável, Coronaverses, Winamop, Horror Sleaze Trash, Duane’s PoeTree, Piker Press, Albany Poets, Ten Million Flies, Open Arts Forum, Cacti Fur, Cephalo Press, Punk Noir Magazine & Bold Monkey Review. Mark’s writing has also featured in ‘Anne Bean: Self Etc’ (Autumn 2018, Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books) & ‘haikus, nearkus, fauxkus, fuckyous’ (July 2021, Between Shadows Press)