“yeah, i don’t know why they don’t
legalize this stuff,” karsten said.

i watched the thick plume of smoke
snake up out of his joint
and collect at the top of the ceiling

“yeah,” i said

“it’s like, can you imagine
if they made alcohol illegal
like they should, cuz the stuff is
way more lethal
than weed”

“it is,” i said.
“i even hate being around people
who drink alcohol”

“they’re scary,” i said

“they are,” karsten added

“plus they destroy other people’s
lives with their shit,” i said

“yeah,” he said

“pass me that joint,” i said

“here you go”

i inhaled
leaned back
looked out the window
at a tiny wisp of smoke
coming out of the chimney
of the building across the street

“i forgot what we were
talking about,” karsten said

“it’s okay,” i said
“i did, too”