this woman on the radio
was just talking about the glory of God
she said heaven opened up and she could hear music playing

today the sink smells like puke
and the lighting is worse
I’m not doing anything about it either
and I’m too sick and broke to get outta here

why can’t I reach into heaven too and hear just one note playing for me
I need it on this godforsaken day
that I am only made of tears

last night I drank something that tasted
like an old lady’s perfume
I’ve been puking and crapping and crying ever since

I like to think what I drank was the old lady’s perfume who was talking about heaven
and all these sounds my body has been making
are the music of heaven I’m hearing
that I’ve been wanting to hear so bad

heaven crying my body out with theirs
on their knees next to me by the toilet