14,000 energy drinks can’t be wrong
the taste is mutant fruit
by the 14,000th one today it’s like drinking a flat soda
can’t think
bumbling down the highway
heart attacks in my chest
weak without food
caffeine crapped waterfall
on the sunoco bathroom floor
everything sticks out more than usual
like the discount store owner statue’s front teeth biting off my head
trying to get to lake Noxamixin to drink it from dehydration
waiting on a pizza for 10 minutes of back country boredom
with a buzzing going off in my body
like a cell phone vibrating in my abdomen
till I puke in the rain
then shit again
like I’m planting something other than manure
and stench
the fecal matter looks lit up like a Christmas tree lights
merry 14,000 energy drinks keel over and die
walking with streaks of light that aren’t there
discotek fingers flicking
14 million volts of fake energy
breathing like a vacuum cleaner
sucking up my sanity
burn out crash
can’t move till I get another one
caffeine headache aspirin popping like fizz
till I open my first can of the next day