when my wife gave me shit
for the poop in my underwear
I had, had enough of it
I can’t help
the crap
on my hanes
I said plain
but she wanted me disgusted and shamed
out on the streets
these streets
so unforgiving
for a man that’s stinking
in his underwear
but she didn’t care
I don’t know
why I had to jump through poop hoops
in an endless
to explain it’s only natural
that a man like me
have poop atrocities
that society
doesn’t understand
if only we could reach out and take each other by the hand
and make a poop stained stand
underneath this dawn this sun
and then the underwear revolution would’ve begun
but instead I stand
with a laundry basket in my hands
feeling alone
on the cold stone
of this city unforgiving
of misunderstanding
I wave my soiled underwear
in the air
and wonder who will care
who will care
we’ve all had poop on our underwear
we need to unite
not be divided by each others poop
but see my poop in you and yours in mine
but alas it’s just on another day
where were grossed out
by the poop that got away
and I say
when will your disdain
for my poop end